Grand Canyon National Park
What Zion National Park has in beauty, the Grand Canyon has in sheer size depth and impressiveness. So much so, it is very difficult to photograph effectively.
Camping in (or near actually) Grand Canyon was an interesting experience indeed.  We did check, but there were no campsites available inside the park. But no problem, there are tremendous numbers of free campsites in the National Forest just outside of the park. In particular we were looking for the East Rim View site.  We found it with no problem, but... by the time we made it in, it was dark. So Sylvia and I were driving down very dark gravel roads, looking for a place we could plant Oki for the night.  We would find a site, the check with a flashlight and discover it had big obscured logs limiting our ability to park.  The pictures below are of the site we finally landed in... taken the next morning. This also allowed us to test Oki out with a significant nose down attitude.  Worked fine.  At over 9000 feet, this was our first experience with sub-freezing temps.  We were snug as bugs in rugs!
Now, if we would have arrived earlier we would have driven further into the forest and found a series of fabulous campsites with views over the canyon. Lesson learned. Avoid looking for a campsite in the dark!
By now... Oki is really beginning to get dirty!
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