Navajo National Monument
Located along US Route 160 on the way up to Monument Valley is the very small park, Navajo National Monument.  We almost passed it up, but fortunately we decided to take it in as it turned out to be one of the most fascinating stops on our trip
Originally established to preserve the Betatakin Ruins in the area, believed to occupied until around 1300. The original inhabitants are thought to be the ancestors of the Hopi Indians but the site continues to have religious significance to a number of tribes in the area. Navajo NM promotes the ancient heritage and traditions of various Anasazi cultures.
Navajo provided the best campsite of our entire trip. We were able to back Oki out over the edge of the canyon for a fantastic panoramic view from inside the coach. If there was ever a scene to illustrate the utility of the three large windows in the rear of a Lazy Daze Motorhome, this was it.
...and this park is totally free of charge. No admission charge, even the camping is no charge.
Navajo National Monument is truly a gem not to be missed.
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